Floral & Abstract artist
Natalia Klementieva
Beauty may not save the world,
but it will definitely make it better
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Natalia Klementieva was born in Moscow.
Natalia worked as an engineer at a research institute, however she always remained an artist at heart which stems from her childhood love of painting.

In 1990 Natalia moved to Hamburg, where she took academic painting classes and studied various mediums and techniques.
Natalia's favourite medium to work with is oil paint, which allows her to reflect her source of inspiration.

Natural phenomena such as light, sunrise, sunset, the clouds and mountain ranges are prevalent in her artwork.

Her creativity reflects all the feelings that arise by spending time in nature, it is an expression of her emotional state through colour and her desire to capture the changing nature of light.

Her work has been exhibited in Moscow, Brussels and Hamburg.
A personal exhibition called "Trees, flowers and grass" took place in Mallorca at Temple Natura Art Cafe in August 2016.

Her work is also represented in private collections in Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Spain.

Natalia Klementieva's vision as an artist is to create powerful and evocative abstract paintings that capture the raw emotion of nature and express her unique perspective on the world. Through her work, she aims to connect with people on a deeper level and evoke feelings and memories that are universal to us all.

Artist CV

1975-1980 - Study MADI- technical Institut Moscow
1995-2000 - private Academy of arts „GalaSasha“
2009-2011 - studied goldgilding Atelier Lila Nour

Selected Exhibitions

2010 - Hamburg private exhibition in Atelier Lilia Nour
2011 - „A Christmas Tale“ Moscow Museum of N.A.Ostrovsky
2012 - Brussel-Russian House
2016 - Mallorca „from Mallorca with love„
2023 - Montreu, Switzerland

+49 163 4955802

Artwork photos made by @anaadrianaphotos